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Why Create A Website?

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Starting A Website | 0 comments

Why Create a Website?

Websites are created for many different reasons. At its most basic point websites are created to share information with other people in a form that is easy to digest and easy to access. Instead of having to call you up and request more information about your company, your photography or your non-profit it Is easier if someone can just visit your website to learn more about it. Each type of website has its own reasons for being made, but most can be summarized in 3 categories; For Business, For Personal, and Community.



For Businesses.

A business website is almost a must in today’s world. Businesses in all shapes and sizes can benefit from creating a website. From the local auto shop, online t-shirt shop all the way to IBM and Microsoft a website can help you connect with your customers, give out information about your company or its products/services, and increase the credibility of the brand. Here are some of the most important reasons why businesses should create a website.

  • Online customers – In 2014 10% of all services were conducted or found online today that number has risen to 16% and is only continuing to climb. This only shows that it is more important then ever to be online to be found by these customers.
  • Service or Product Information – With a website you have more space for the details of your products then you could ever hope to fit on a brochure or a white paper. This can help inform your customers about your product or services.
  • Convenience for Customers – Its much easier to find new companies searching the web, in fact in the latest reports somewhere around 75% of new product or service searches begin online.
  • Answers Questions – Customers who do not know what your company offers won’t have to call and ask, “Do you sell staples?” they can look on your website and not annoy you!
  • Legitimize – It today’s world if you don’t have a website and you’re not on google its almost seen as if you’re not a legitimate business. With an office, phone, website and a google listing few will argue the company’s legitimacy.
  • Event Hosting – Websites are a really effective way to communicate an event and the details of that event.
  • Marketing – Websites allow you to use advanced digital marketing from google. Google has an educational platform where you can learn digital marketing from them for free. What better place to learn about marketing then from the industry leaders?
  • Customer Support – This can include a Q/A sections on your website, frequently asked questions or a simple contact form that allows for email customer support. This gives people many options which helps especially if you have a small business and not always manning the phones.
  • Press Release – Websites are a good place to house press releases. When press release hit search engines it can also drive small amounts of traffic to your website. Hosting press releases on you own website gives authority to it as well, making sure your own website places number one in search engine results.

For Personal.

Personal websites are becoming more and more popular today. Every person has a voice to be shared and each of us could all have our own websites. From the stay at home mom with natural remedies to the airline pilot who loves photography personal websites allow people to share their passions with the world. Here are some of the best reasons to create a personal website.

  • Blog – Blogs are probably the number one reason people create personal websites. Thousands of new blogs are made every day. Everyone has a voice, and many want to be heard.
  • Resume – An online resume that prints cleanly is a good way to get attention for a job. You can go into great detail about the projects you have worked on and any hobbies to make yourself stand out.
  • Photography – From the professional to the amateur putting photos online for people to view attracts a lot of attention. People are always looking for a new way to view the world.
  • Travel – There are many types of travel websites; location or hotel review, stories, or just destination tips. Often travel websites are mixed with amateur photography websites to really capture the audience, which works well.
  • DIY – Becoming more common then ever before people love “do it yourself” websites. Pick a specific topic like building computers or wood working. If you pick a topic people are following it will surely gain some traction.
  • Food – Everyone loves a good food website, just be sure to take good pictures and learn about photography. No one can deny a website with pictures and directions of mouthwatering food. This can be food reviews, directions for cooking or simply kitchen ideas.
  • Reviews – Toys, makeup, and restaurant’s on only a few examples of this endless category. One of the first things people do when buying something is look up reviews. A good detailed review of a product or place is priceless.
  • Gardening – Are you a garden buff? If you want to show off your plants or perhaps show people how to grow them gardening websites offer great tips or inspiration to people looking to improve their own garden.
  • Pets – Pet lovers love pet websites, show off your own pets or show people how to take care of a specific breed. Everyone always needs pet help when they first start out and people love to see pictures. There are many different types of pet websites to create – as long as they have something cute it’s a winner!
  • Collections – You could collect dolls, cars, or chess pieces but a website is a great place to show of your collection. When making a website to show off your collection you could even add a contact page to allow people to offer you new collectables or to buy yours!



For a Community.

Communities come in many forms – these can be movements like the tea party or black lives matter, it could be a non-profit or simply a car group. This type of website normally is different from the others, mainly because sharing an idea allows for a community to be built. Here are some of the greatest reasons to create a website about your idea.


  • Non-profit – Non-profits could be under businesses or community, either way spreading the reason for your non-profit is easiest through a website. It is also very easy to accept online donations when you have a website.
  • Influence – Ideas are often spread by the internet, take your idea to the next level and create a website that might influence others to change their ways.
  • Educational – Growing more popular today then ever before educational websites and teaching platforms help reach audiences that might not normally have access to lessons.
  • Local Club – From reading clubs to car clubs, collectibles to baking goods – there are more local clubs and meet ups then most people realize, and they are easy to start. Get a website up and a few friends to help you spread the word and you will be able to find lots of people to join your local club.
  • News – Often called news aggregation websites, you can design websites that bring together multiple news sources. You can filter them to present news in a fashion in line with your ideals and maybe other people want that as well!
  • Following – From actors to sports teams people love getting involved with websites that follow a specific person or thing. Document everything and get people involved!

These are just some of the reasons why someone would create a website, everyone has their own reason. The point here is if you have a passion or a voice about anything you can make a website! And you should, who knows how many people want to hear what you have to say?


Share below – why you started or why you want to start your website?