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When To Get Managed WordPress Hosting

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Starting A Website | 0 comments

When To Get Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress itself is already a great platform. And that’s not my opinion, the WordPress platform currently supports 14.7% of the top 100 websites according to whoishostingthis.com

That’s right – and these are companies with tons of man power to build on any platform they want but they choose the easiest route.

Why work harder then you need to?

Managed WordPress systems help the website creator or webmaster to keep updated and keep the website running without tons of extra time.

Time that can be used to make better blog posts, market your company or grab another coffee with a close friend.

When to get managed WordPress hosting?

Immediately and here’s why

Automated WordPress software and security updates that will (over a year) save you countless hours.

Daily backups and restore points for whenever something goes wrong (and it will eventually) that will save you from having to rebuild and entire website.

Server load scaling that offers the highest dependability for high traffic and removes the need for the W3 Plugin.

Site staging which means no more “Website Under Construction” pages. Simply stage a website, work on it, and when its ready move it over to live. Your visitors never are interrupted for a website update again!

Already have a WordPress website and don’t want the hassle of moving it? Managed WordPress Hosting offers auto-migration software that moves your WordPress Website to Managed WordPress with ease.

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